Inside the Automated UPS Complex That Sorts 7,000 Packages a Minute

Just before midnight, UPS’s Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky begins to come alive. Boeing 757s start roaring overhead. Packages whoosh by on miles of conveyer belts. Before the sun is up, 1.6 million packages will be unloaded and loaded again, sent along toward their final destinations. » 5/26/15 5:15pm 5/26/15 5:15pm

Our shortened Labor Day week was dominated by the celebrity nude leak, which answered the question "what would it take to get Google search traffic to return to Gawker" with a resounding "J-Law, Kate Upton Nudes Leak." Dayna, Michelle, Jordan, Gabby, and Sam all contributed a lot of reporting and writing to making… » 9/06/14 9:04am 9/06/14 9:04am

A Spreadsheet of Hip America

» 1/29/14 12:00pm 1/29/14 12:00pm
Alabama Birmingham Avondale 1
Alaska Anchorage Spenard 1
Arizona Phoenix Roosevelt Row 1 Downtown 1
Tucson Fourth Ave. 1 Lost Barrio 1
California Burbank Magnolia Park 1 San Fernando Blvd. 1
LA Silver Lake 10 Echo Park 5
Echo Park 2 Highland Park 3
Arts District 2
Venice 1 Eagle Rock 1

Gawker Hero: @Dril

At this point some 60 percent of traffic on the internet is made up of bots. Half of that traffic is "malicious"—spammers, hackers, scrapers, impersonators. This means that at a minimum nearly one-third of all internet traffic is "fake." Bots impersonating bots. Bots impersonating humans. Humans impersonating bots. » 12/31/13 10:47am 12/31/13 10:47am

Millions of Poor Left Uninsured Because of Medicaid Expansion Opt-Out

The New York Times published an infuriating report this morning that highlights the ways in which millions of poor Americans will be left without health coverage because 26 Republican-controlled states refused to expand Medicaid coverage. Two-thirds of poor black Americans and single mothers will be without coverage… » 10/03/13 9:54am 10/03/13 9:54am

Google Boss Enjoys $15 Mil Manhattan Sex Penthouse

If you're a "normal married dude," who also happens to have a ton of sex on the side, you probably go to a motel or the back of a Jeep, I don't know. But if you're Google's executive chairman, knee deep in it with billions to spend, you have this soundproofed third base Xanadu. » 7/25/13 5:30pm 7/25/13 5:30pm