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Gawker Hero: @Dril

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At this point some 60 percent of traffic on the internet is made up of bots. Half of that traffic is "malicious"—spammers, hackers, scrapers, impersonators. This means that at a minimum nearly one-third of all internet traffic is "fake." Bots impersonating bots. Bots impersonating humans. Humans impersonating bots.


Consequently, it's easy to get caught up in paranoia. Is this bot account actually human? Is that joke account actually a corporate marketing effort? Am I being duped? Swindled? Hoaxed? Lied to?

Into this environment @Dril wades, drops his jeans, and lets loose a turd.


Dril is not a bot. Dril is not a human. Dril is a psychic Markov chain whose input is the American internet. Dril is an intestine swollen with gas and incoherent politics and obscure signifiers and video-game memes and bile. Dril will not lie to you. Dril will not fool you. Dril is not a hoax. Dril is not a put-on. Dril is the only writer on the internet you can trust.

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